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"Halbert Law Offices really exceeded my expectations in such a positive way! I was working with a different attorney and something just didn't feel right, so I brought my concerns to Halbert Law Offices (I was working with Tripp) and he was able to correct even the smallest issue I had and suggest some incredibly helpful legal advice that I didn’t even think about. PLUS! He spoke to me with such respect and care, like I was his only client. And he was “Johnny on the spot” with communication and revisions! Navigating legal waters can be difficult, but it was made so easy with Tripp and his team at Halbert Law Offices. Thank you again!!"

-Courtney Broadhead

"We appreciate the expertise of Halbert law for all our legal needs. They do a wonderful job and are always available to answer any questions and provide thorough explanations. If they don’t have an immediate answer to our questions, they always investigate and provide a timely response."

- Mandy Garnett

"Had an in-law who tried to sneak a land deal past the last legal heir (my wife) and sell family property. Tripp Halbert protected our interest in the sale of the property and got all the parties on the same page and guided the closing to make sure all parties got what they deserved. His firm even agreed to make arrangements for their fees that allowed us to move forward without out-of-pocket expenses. We smiled all the way to the bank!"

- Thomas Smith

"Tripp was extremely professional and helpful in answering any questions we had about putting together a trust and will. He made us feel secure that everything will be taken care of for our kids in the event that something happens to my husband and I. I would definitely recommend this firm because they go above and beyond for their clients!" 

- Sarah Valero

"I’m elated to write this review for Halbert Law Offices! Chuck was a thorough professional. He educated me on what to expect, what the likely outcome would be and exceeded all expectations. I feel like I’ve gained a friend through my experience. I highly recommend Chuck!"

- William Price

"Our experience with Tripp at Halbert Law Offices was fantastic. He was extremely responsive, professional, quick with any answers for the many questions we had, and most of all, we felt like Tripp really cared about doing the absolute best for us. He went above and beyond for us in every way."

- Sara Smith

"I HIGHLY recommend Tripp for any trusts, wills, POAs, and more. You won’t be disappointed."

- Anonymous

"My husband and I were wondering in these uncertain times what would our children do if something happened to one or both of us? Well, we were lucky enough to ask that question to Tripp Halbert attorney! He was able to explain things to us and let us know what could happen if we did not take the right steps to sew up a few loose ends now. It’s true you can not buy piece of mind but, we got pretty close! Thanks again Tripp Halbert!"  

- Candy Boyd

"One of the most professional group of individuals I've had the pleasure to deal with. I was unfortunately involved in an incident where I was unfamiliar with how to handle any part of the situation that came after. I reached out to this law firm through a friend that came highly recommended. I met with Tripp & Chuck who promptly carried out my case and saw that I was kept up to speed every step of the way. My needs were met and I couldn't ask for a smoother transition through the process. Although not an easy task I am very grateful to have worked with this law firm and all those involved with it. I can't thank Tripp & Chuck and the others at the firm enough and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to seek legal counsel."

- Zach Yocum

"Mr. Halbert takes care of things quickly and efficiently! Great communication and time management skills. Very knowledgeable in probate cases. Will return to him in the future for estate planning." 

- Betsy Dilks

"I had a matter that needed to be handled within a couple of hours. I called and spoke with Tripp, who resolved the situation within a matter of hours. I was not a client of Halbert Law, called first thing in the morning and was able to handle all matters over the phone. The experience was top notch and I feel Tripp went above and beyond! Thank you!"

- Ann Smith