Agricultural Law Attorneys
in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Owning and operating an agricultural business in Arkansas carries specific requirements and challenges other businesses may not face. We help farming and other agricultural clients address these issues and move past them to successful endeavors.

What Does Agricultural Law Cover?

Agricultural law applies to businesses that deal with things we typically associate with farming, including:

  • Livestock and livestock products

  • Planting, growing, and harvesting crops and timber

  • The cultivation or raising of any plant or animal in fresh or saltwater, i.e. cranberries or goldfish for sale to pet shops

We are dedicated to assisting agricultural professionals with any legal problems they may have.

Government Programs

Arkansas farmers enjoy government-sponsored protection as a result of the “right-to-farm” law put in effect in 1981. This law’s intent was to protect agricultural business owners from suffering unnecessary nuisance claims and the pressures of urbanization. For example, farms may be exempt from nuisance claims from neighbors who complain about noises or smells emitted by your operation.

An Attorney on Your Side

Whatever your agricultural business needs, the attorneys at Halbert Law Offices are here to help. When you work with Halbert Law Offices, you can rest assured knowing you will be understood and respected.

Halbert Law Offices understands the challenges agricultural law clients face. If you are an agricultural business grappling with legal matters, you need a lawyer who gets what you’re going through. Contact our Fayetteville office to schedule a free consultation. We also represent those in Springdale, Rogers, and Bartonville, Arkansas.