Business Organizations Attorneys
in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Business law covers a broad range of topics that relate to running your company. We help clients in all stages of business development, from initial establishment to incorporation. We can help you with any aspect of business law, including drafting and reviewing contracts, handling partner disagreements, and commercial litigation.

Formation & Planning

You’ve decided to open your own business, which is very exciting! It’s critically important to plan ahead carefully to ensure you set yourself up for success now and in the future. We help fledgling business owners determine the best structure to form their business under and file the appropriate paperwork.

We can also help you draw up the necessary documents for partnerships, client terms of service, employee handbooks, and more. If you need to raise capital investment, we can help you draft or revise a business plan that fits within all applicable legal statutes. If you’re ready to get your business off the ground, we’re here to help.

Let us assist you in taking your business to the next level.

Here when You Need Us

Though we hope careful planning at the beginning of your business’ lifecycle prevents this, we also help clients who are embroiled in complicated business disputes. We can help you pursue mediation or arbitration in an attempt to avoid going to court, as well as negotiate in settlement proceedings. If you’re facing a difficult conflict, we’ll be your legal partner.

Halbert Law Offices takes pride in helping Fayetteville businesses tackle all challenges they face. If you need a trusted business law attorney on your side, look no further than Halbert Law Offices. Contact our office in Fayetteville to schedule a free consultation. We also proudly serve clients residing in Springdale, Rogers, and Bartonville, Arkansas.