Real Estate Attorneys
in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Halbert Law Offices helps clients buy, sell or lease property and stay fully informed. Each type of real estate contains complex nuances that are best understood and explained by experienced real estate attorneys. For example, the process for leasing a residential apartment may vary widely from that of leasing a commercial space for a business with strict operational requirements. Whatever your specific situation, we’ll be your real estate partner.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions tend to be more complicated than residential sales due to land use/zoning regulations, leasing terms, and stringent insurance policies. If you are selling or leasing a commercial property to another party, you must be sure of what the space will be used for and certain your tenants are financially solvent. If you are the party purchasing or leasing the space, you must ensure the space is zoned correctly for your business and that the lease terms are favorable. We can help with all aspects of commercial real estate.

Let us help you pursue your ideal outcome.

Residential Real Estate

Many Americans harbor the dream of owning their own home. In the excitement, however, you must be sure to do your due diligence about your potential property. The same level of vigilance should be applied to those who are leasing or selling property. We can help you ensure you are getting exactly what you are agreeing to by reviewing contracts, offers, and leases. Before you make a financial decision that could impact you for the foreseeable future, call Halbert Law Offices.

Title Disputes

Title and boundary disputes refer to disagreements between parties over who possesses ownership of property and just exactly where the lines of that property begin and end. These issues can be difficult to resolve in the case that debts or liens have been placed on a property, some of which have the potential to be decades old and hard to track down. Title disputes can also involve matters pertaining to water or mineral rights and easements. Regardless of your situation, the experienced real estate attorneys at Halbert Law Offices can help you resolve your title dispute.

Some of the specific situations that we can guide people through include:

  • Property: titles, deeds, surveys, zoning, appraisals, taxes, closing, construction, and escrow

  • Construction: permits, licenses, and delays/failures in production

  • Contracts: negotiation or disputes with financing, construction work, and service

  • Sale/Purchase: negotiations or disputes between seller(s) and interested buyers

  • Leasing: negotiations or disputes between landlords and renters

  • Mechanic’s Lien: if a construction or service contract has not been paid by a homeowner who made the improvements as part of selling the building, house, or property

  • Abstract of Title: a property’s legal history to be used with title insurance

  • Variance: a request to deviate from zoning regulations

  • Foreclosures & houses for purchase at auctions

Halbert Law Offices provides a wide variety of real estate law services, including commercial and residential real estate, and title disputes. If you are buying or selling property or dealing with a sticky legal situation due to a dispute, contact our Fayetteville office today to schedule a free consultation. We also serve the areas of Springdale, Rogers, and Bartonville, Arkansas.