Residential Real Estate Attorneys
in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Most people dream of becoming homeowners and many of us will own one or multiple homes throughout our lifetimes. Because it is such a big investment, it makes sense to proceed carefully and thoroughly so you can rest assured your most valuable asset is protected. We take pride in helping our clients achieve this.

We will fight for a favorable result to your residential real estate transaction.

The Importance of A Local Real Estate Attorney

You probably already know this, but residential real estate laws can vary widely state by state. For example, purchasing a beachfront condominium in California may have vastly different terms than buying a rural property in Arkansas. When searching for a residential real estate lawyer, your best bet is someone local with a deep understanding of the area in which you’d like to live.

Landlord/Tenant Laws

If you are leasing a residential space or renting a unit out to someone, there are very specific laws in place to protect both parties that must be followed. For example, security deposits in Arkansas may not exceed the value of two months’ rent and must be returned within 60 days of a tenant’s vacation of the property. Landlords wanting to evict tenants must follow strict procedures in order to do so lawfully, just as tenants have appropriate or inappropriate ways of leaving spaces or breaking leases early. We help both landlords and tenants resolve disputes.

Protecting Your Residential Rights

Whether you are buying or selling a house, renting a unit for yourself or to someone else, or simply negotiating lease terms with another party, we’re here to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases legally.

Halbert Law Offices helps Fayetteville families achieve their residential real estate goals! If you are considering buying, leasing, or selling a residential property, we’re here to ensure your interests and assets are protected. Contact our friendly office today to schedule a free consultation.