Commercial Litigation Attorneys
in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Unfortunately, even the most carefully planned business ventures can result in disputes that simply cannot be resolved independently between the parties involved. While it’s never fun to sue or be sued, you may find yourself in a professional situation in which pursuing legal action against another is necessary. If you’re embroiled in such a circumstance, we can help.

Common Commercial Disputes

Commercial litigation is equally as broad as business law, but some of the most frequent cases we take on include matters pertaining to:

  • Breaches of contract

  • Partnership disagreements

  • Shareholder issues

We can skillfully advocate on your behalf during a contentious commercial lawsuit.

Forms of Commercial Litigation

When a commercial dispute arises concerning your business, it may be in your best interest to pursue less formal resolution avenues before heading to the courtroom. We often recommend our clients seek to bury disputes through mediation or arbitration for several reasons. For one, these methods are typically much more affordable than costly litigation and can be conducted significantly faster. Furthermore, engaging in mediation may allow both parties to get what they want or reach a compromise, as opposed to the winner-take-all outcomes typical of court trials.

Your Partner in The Courtroom

In the event you must take your professional adversary to court, you need an aggressive and effective attorney representing your best interest. Halbert Law Offices has a proven record of helping clients come out on top in commercial litigation matters.

Halbert Law Offices is the legal partner you need when facing stressful commercial litigation. We’ll assess your situation, discuss your goals and make a plan for how to resolve business law disputes in your favor. Contact our Fayetteville office to schedule your complimentary consultation. We also assist those who live in Springdale, Rogers, and Bartonville, Arkansas.